Regular visitors to my crypt will notice, hopefully with a bit of dismay, that I haven't added any photos since Halloween of 2010. Believe me when I tell you that I am just as if not more unhappy with this fact than you are. Please allow me to explain.

Since I first began my wanderings some time ago, both with my fellow Patient Creatures and on my own, our human friends have enjoyed taking photos both with us and of us. Not one appearance went by without someone sending me our latest portraits, and many of them found their way onto our website. Many of them were of professional quality, and I was always touched by the photographer's generosity and thankful for the opportunity to document my journeys.

(And at this time I would like to thank just a few of those who've contributed their time and talents in the past several years. They would include but not be limited to Nancy, Sir Muckford, Nina, Mia, Tessa, Tina, Hayden, Krysten and Lori. To those who I've overlooked, I apologize profusely.)


But in the last year or so, something interesting and entirely unexpected began to happen. People simply stopped taking photos, or if they did take them, they never made their way to me.

I was quite unhappy with this development, but there seemed to be nothing I could do. I would search various online collections of photos of events I'd attended, such as the Medieval Festival of Courage and the All Hallows Fair, and found nothing. So I resigned myself to not having a full a record of my appearances as I wished. (And being that rare spectre that actually shows in photographs, I was doubly disappointed!)

So I appeal to all my human friends and fans who attend my performances, who look for my appearances at their favorite events, or who stumble across me during a seasonal celebration: if you would be so kind as to send any photographs you might take my way, I would be extremely grateful, and I will make certain to credit you accordingly for your efforts. Simply email them to, and I will feature them on these pages. And I thank you in advance for your troubles.


Among my Halloween travels last Fall, I again made an appearance at the Medieval Festival Of Courage in its new location in Blue Lake . It was a wonderful two days of knights and jesters, lords and ladies, acrobats, jugglers and magicians, as well a a certain spectral weaver of tales. I was challenged to several games of chess, heard some marvelous music (from my human friends Seabury Gould and Hearthfire) and enjoyed both belly dancing and Irish stepping.

I met many of my younger friends and fans, including some new ones who didn't know of me at first; others let them know all about me. (One pair of young ladies came around a corner and happened upon me. One looked at me with wide eyes and squealed, “A ghost!” Her friend just shrugged. “Oh, that's only Carpathian! ” and off they went!) Many just wanted to talk to me and tell me all about their adventures, like my young companion below. I was always delighted to listen.



Among my travels in October were a return visit to the All Hallows Fair in Sonora, CA, my annual show with my companions Paul Woodland, Seabury Gould and Howdy Emerson at Old Town Coffee & Chocolates in Eureka, CA, a night of vampire tales with the Science Fiction Club of Humboldt, and two new performances north in Crescent City, CA; an afternoon show at the Howonquet Community Center (where these photos were taken) and an evening on at the Del Norte County Library.



The afternoon show was a great deal of fun; all the adult organizers wore costumes, and the young listeners and their families were similarly attired. There was laughter and spookiness, and all said it was a terrific show. I had a delightful time, and thought it the perfect way to end the October Season. Thank you all so much for inviting me, and I hope to make my way there again this year!

I had two performances to ring in the Christmas Season, but I'll save that for next time!




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